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Hudds Repair Cafe, 14th May at the Chestnut Centre

Repair Cafe Chestnut Centre

The Huddersfield Repair Cafe is going on tour this weekend, and will be held at The Chestnut Centre, in Sheepridge.

It’s the same setup as usual; bring along your broken gear for our fixers to take a look at. We’ll be there from 11AM to 3PM, so stop by at any time during the day to meet us. There’s plenty of parking too, so larger items will be easier to bring along this time.

Chestnut Centre

What We Fix

Electrical items and appliances, electronics, household items, furniture, jewellery, toys, computers – if we can help you to keep it out of the landfill, we will. No microwaves though; they dangerous to open, so we can’t work on those.

But this month we can work on fabrics and clothing! If you have any material repairs, favourite clothing or fabrics that need fixing up, you’re in luck. Please wash them first, and bring them along for our fashion fixers to take a look at.

Please note this doesn’t include alterations; those aren’t really in danger of going into the landfill, so our priority remains on repairs rather than alterations.

We’re only at The Chestnut Centre for the May repair cafe, so do come along and see us, even if it’s only for a coffee and to learn more about what we do, and why we do it! See you there!

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