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Huddersfield Repair Cafe​

Get it fixed

Whether it’s beloved but broken, no longer for sale or you just don’t want to cough up the dough for a new one, the Huddersfield Repair Cafe is here to help.

Bring your items along, and let’s see if we can fix them, and keep them out of the landfill.

And yep; it’s totally free!

next repair cafe in...


11:00AM, 13th JULY 2024

You can also get stuff fixed on Saturday 16th March at the Skircoat Repair Cafe.

  • 16th March
  • 1:30-4:30pm
  • All St Parish Hall, Godfrey Rd, Halifax, HX3 0LY

Hope to see you there!

Where to find us

S2R Create Space
5-7 Brook Street

WHEN to find us

Second Saturday of every month

11AM – 3PM


Electrics, electronics, computers, mechanics, wood and metal working, and anyone with DIY skills.

You don’t have to be able to fix things to join in and help, either. The repair cafe wouldn’t run without our front-of-house volunteers, so there’s plenty to do for anyone who wants to get involved.


We often take Hudds Repair Cafe on the road. If you’d like to host a repair cafe, check out the requirements your venue would need, and get in touch.

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Dewsbury Repair Cafe


Our good friends over in Dewsbury are planning to run some repair cafes, beginning in October. There are two venues hosting the repair cafes, and some are going to be held mid-week.

Do get in touch with the organisers if you’re interested in volunteering with Team Dewsbury.

Dewsbury Repair Cafe Dates:

  • 25th November
  • 29th November
  • 20th December

Repair cafes around Huddersfield

We sometimes run additional repair cafes in different parts of Huddersfield and surrounding areas, which you can find out more about below. We’ll also try to include repair cafes by other teams when we hear about them.

If you’re running a repair cafe or know of one in the surrounding areas, let us know and we’ll give it a shout out.

about us

repair cafes

Find out when and where repair cafes are taking place, and contact us if you want to talk about getting things fixed.

About Us

Learn about the people who are involved in Huddersfield Repair Cafe, what they do and why they do it.

Get Involved

However you can contribute to the repair cafe cause, we're always on the lookout for more people to join in.

Get involved with the repair cafe

Join us and make a real difference to the environment, while saving money.

Repairing and reusing are the purest forms of recycling!

Get stuff fixed

Visit one of our repair cafes and bring along your items that need repairing. The more you get things fixed, the less you're adding to the landfill.

Come and fix things

If you're handy when it comes to DIY or repairs, join the team and become one of our fixer volunteers.

A culture of fixing

The repair cafe’s ethos is found in the old call to arms of, “make do and mend!”

It’s the antidote to a disposable society.

The opposition to weaponised capitalism.

We’re fighting back against the built-in obsolescence that drives consumer greed.

right to repair

Our friends over at iFixit, who’ve supported Huddersfield Repair Cafe very generously, explain the personal, community and environmental benefits of repairing, and learning to repair, very eloquently. Check it out, and take a good look around iFixit while you’re there.

What is a repair cafe?

Our organisation ninjas will book you in, take some details about your item that needs repairing, and you’ll join our fixer as they look at getting it working again.

It’s super simple, and it’s totally free.

what do we fix?

  • Electrical items
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical items
  • Toys
  • Computers
  • Clothes
  • Upcycling clothing, material and fabrics
  • Household items
  • Jewellery 
  • NOTE: Unfortunately we don’t repair microwaves due to health and safety issues.
get involved

how you can help


We're always on the lookout for new fixers, and people to help with admin, organisation, and whatever other skills you might have that would be useful.

visit the cafe

Don't throw things away, or buy new ones. Come to the next cafe with your items that need fixing, and let's do what we can to keep it out of the landfill together.

spread the word

Help us to get the word out to the people of Huddersfield and surrounding areas about the repair cafe, what it does, and what they can do to join in.

Send us a message about the cafes, items you'd like fixing, or anything else

(Your info will only be used to communicate with Huddersfield repair cafe, and will never be shared with anyone else. Ever.)

Part of the Repair Café Foundation

Martine Postma, founder of the Repair Cafe Foundation.
Repair Cafe Foundation Logo

Huddersfield is a full member of the global Repair Cafe Foundation.

The first repair cafe was organised and run by Martine Postma in 2008, in Amsterdam. 

Since then she’s launched the Repair Cafe Foundation to help other people around the world start their own repair cafes, including Huddersfield.

Here’s a bit more info, direct from the Repair Cafe Foundation. Interested in starting your own? Feel free to chat with us and we’ll help however we can!

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