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Health & Safety Policy

May 2023

At Huddersfield Repair Cafe (HuddsRC), we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all volunteers, visitors, and participants. We aim to minimize risks and hazards associated with repair activities while promoting a culture of safety and well-being.

This Health & Safety Policy outlines our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety within our Repair Cafe.


2.1 Management Commitment: Co-ordinators at HuddsRC are responsible for creating a safe and healthy working environment and ensuring compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation, regulations, and standards.

2.2 Volunteer Responsibility: Every volunteer has a responsibility to adhere to this Health & Safety Policy, follow safe work practices, and report any hazards or concerns to the management promptly.
Risk Assessment and Management:

3.1 Hazards Identification: Regular assessments will be conducted to identify potential hazards associated with repair activities, such as electrical safety, sharp objects, lifting heavy items, and hazardous materials.

3.2 Risk Evaluation: Each identified hazard will be evaluated for the likelihood and severity of potential harm to determine the level of risk.

3.3 Control Measures: Appropriate control measures will be implemented to eliminate or minimize identified risks, such as providing personal protective equipment (PPE), conducting training programs, and ensuring proper equipment maintenance.

Training and Awareness:

4.1 Induction Training: All volunteers will receive comprehensive induction training, including health and safety procedures, safe work practices, and emergency response protocols.

4.2 Awareness Campaigns: We will promote health and safety awareness through regular campaigns, posters, and informational materials to encourage responsible behavior and prevent accidents.

Emergency Preparedness:

5.1 Emergency Response Plan: An emergency response plan will be developed and communicated to all volunteers, detailing procedures to follow in case of emergencies, such as fire, injury, or medical incidents. These will be provided by the venue of the Repair Cafe.

5.2 First Aid and Medical Assistance: A well-stocked first aid kit will be readily available at the Repair Cafe. Trained first aiders will be designated, and emergency contact numbers will be displayed prominently.

Reporting and Investigation:

6.1 Incident Reporting: All accidents, near misses, and hazardous situations must be reported to the management immediately using the designated reporting procedures.

6.2 Incident Investigation: The management will investigate all incidents promptly to identify root causes and take corrective actions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Consultation and Communication:

7.1 Communication Channels: Open lines of communication will be maintained between management, employees, and volunteers to ensure the exchange of health and safety information and address concerns promptly.

7.2 Consultation: Employees and volunteers will be encouraged to participate in health and safety discussions, providing input and suggestions to continually improve health and safety practices.
Review and Continuous Improvement: This Health & Safety Policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its ongoing suitability and effectiveness. Changes in legislation, best practices, or organizational structure will be considered, and necessary updates will be made accordingly.