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Huddersfield Repair Cafe​


We sometimes take Hudds Repair Cafe on the road, to host them in different locations around Huddersfield.

If you’re interested in hosting a repair cafe, please consider the following requirements and then get in touch using the form.


We love spreading the good word by hosting Hudds Repair Cafe in different places. But there are certain things that are needed in order for us to properly run a repair cafe.

If your venue meets these needs, please get in touch and let’s talk! If it doesn’t, unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to bring the repair cafe to you.


Our fixers need a lot of tools and equipment, and come from different places. So they need plenty of parking for us to attend. And the same goes for people who bring items in.


We need double sockets at each fixing station, at least.

Tables & Chairs

Each fixer requires a table and, ideally, four chairs – two for the fixers, two for the visitors. Typically we have six to 10 fixers.


A lot of repairs require soldering. If a small to medium amount of solder fumes is a problem at your venue, we probably can’t work there.


We’ve tried hosting repair cafes outdoors, and unless there’s a big marquee with tables, chairs and plenty of power, if doesn’t really work.


We’re Huddersfield Repair Cafe, so it’d need to be in, or very near, Huddersfield and surrounding areas.


The venue would need to be free. We don’t have any funds to hire a venue.


We don’t fix items for businesses, and we don’t run repair cafes if it’d cost the visiting public anything to attend. You can promote your business or venue, but can’t charge visitors.


We’d ask that you, the venue and anyone else involved to make every effort to promote the visiting repair cafe in plenty of time, online and around the local area so that, together, we can maximise the number of visitors.


If your venue meets the requirements, please fill out the form below, and a member of the team will get in touch to talk to you about potentially hosting a repair cafe.

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